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American International Services  integrates Project Management to its Procurement Process. Each iteration of a procurement process is considered and managed as a project. In addition to procurement, AIS use its project management expertise and resources to create unique products and services. Our highly experienced executives and project management teams combines quality management, and contract management to traditional project management approach to ensure on time and within budget high quality project delivery.

AIS successfully managed numerous procurement, construction, installation, repair, and maintenance projects around the world. Our highly trained project managers, planners/schedulers, control managers, cost managers, field supervisors are ready to form the best project management teams to take the challenge of any project scope  in our  service area  and produce the right result.

AIS understands the importance of careful project planning for successful project completion. Based on the nature of a project, AIS carefully prepare the project planning by identifying the important project phases, areas, and activities using critical path method (CPM) or more advanced critical chain project management (CCPM). Duration, resource estimation and allocation are provided for each activity. 

AIS utilizes State-of-Art project management software for planning, scheduling, and progress tracking.  There are many unpredictable situations and obstacles that could hinder the normal progress of a project and put pressure on allocated resources. AIS constantly monitors and expedite  the project progress to make sure the project finishes on time. Clients are provided with project progress reports on regular basis.

Quality management is built in AIS project management. Our quality control experts define multiple quality assurance checkpoints in each project phase. Past experience, established relationship with the stakeholders, and contract management enable us to take quick corrective measures if there is a quality issue. 





Sample AIS Project Schedule



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