Procurement Process Flowchart

Quality Control Process

Procurement Database System

AIS procurement is a complete process or cycle. A procurement process is run as a project and AIS applies project management approach to the procurement process. A process can be an individual or sub process of another process with integrated quality control service and logistics support. The procurement strategies and requirement are determined based on the nature of the project. A project is generally begins with an invitation for bid. AIS procurement process can be divided into four major project phases:


1. Bid Invitation

Bid Evaluation

2. Planning

Identify project activities, resource allocation, and scheduling  

3. Procurement Operations

Supplier selection

Bid submittal and approval

Quality control and production release

4. Logistics  

Transportation and delivery


AIS procurement management is based on its quality policy to provide the best service to meet project requirements and successful project completion. We strive to improve our process at every opportunity. Suppliers are selected in fair manner and AIS applies contract management for the best outcome. AIS developed specialized procurement database system to effectively and efficiently support the procurement operations.


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