A Brief History

AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL SERVICES  ( AIS ) is  the successor company of  American Export Group International Services (AEIGS). 

Beginning in the early 1970's, the role of AEIGS was providing procurement support to leading contractors working in the Middle East. Many of these contractors were from Europe and the Middle East needed support procuring materials primarily from the United States. As the Company grew, the procurement support expanded to Europe, South America, Africa and the Caribbean, and the other parts of the worlds. 

With the United States Army Corps of Engineers overseeing the development of the infrastructure of Saudi Arabia during the 1970's and early 1980's, procurement expanded to include many high profile and important projects throughout the Kingdom, These includes the King Khalid Military City, the Saud University and the Saudi Security and Armed Forces Housing projects. Activities were expanded to diversified support to international business and construction including USAID and embassy projects.

In 1990, procurement and logistical support were separated into two organizations. AIS formed as a Procurement Service Agent (PSA) and a subsidiary company , UniTrans International, was formed  as a transportation shipping company and integrated logistics provider.

In 2003, AIS focus on the reconstruction effort in Iraq and AIS was in position to provide procurement support to the new Iraqi Army and Civil Defense through the U.S. Army. Worldwide procurement included rolling stock, soldiering equipment, light weapons, communications equipment and variety of other materials and equipments.







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